Inspiring Employees to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

“From People to Profits: The Business Case for Employee Engagement”  Presentation Excerpt

Jim Tincher’s Heart of the Customer

Jim TincherHeart of the Customer is about getting your employees to think about what’s in the hearts of their customers and how to win those hearts over with a engaging customer experience. Consultant and Speaker Jim Tincher has been improving the bottom line for businesses of all sizes by helping them understand how to engage their customers and create a great customer experience.

With more than two decades of  experience driving customer engagement and intimacy, Jim’s Voice of the Customer expertise has helped companies like Best Buy, UnitedHealth Group, as well as companies ranging from global fast food  to utilities to international manufacturing and service companies. Jim’s dynamic approach to helping leaders and employees alike understand the value and approach to building a world-class customer experience has resulted in customers who come back time and again.  Read case studies and white papers

Do You Engage your Customers?

Engaged customers purchase more, are loyal, and refer you to their friends.

Engage your employees to create a true customer-inspired experience. A great customer experience increases likelihood to recommend by 19.5% and likelihood to repurchase by 18.4%. Use your front-line staff to develop unique offerings that your competitors cannot duplicate. Jim has over 20 years of experience driving customer and employee engagement with Best Buy, UnitedHealth Group and Gallup, and will share the strategies needed to create loyal customers.  Read More: Drivers – the Secret to a Great Customer Experience White Paper.