Customer Journey Map White Paper

Customer Journey Map White Paper CoverA customer-focused customer experience journey map is a crucial first step to designing and improving your customer experience.  How do you go about creating such a document?

The attached white paper walks through 10 required and 4 optional principles for creating such a map.  It also includes two examples of how I create maps at Heart of the Customer, although you could use the principles to create maps that look entirely different.

The 10 core principles are:

  1. Maps represent your Customer’s perspective.
  2. Measure your brand promise.
  3. Require qualitative research.
  4. Represent your Customer segments.
  5. Include your Customer goals.
  6. Communicate your Customer emotions.
  7. Document your touch points.
  8. Highlight your Moments of Truth
  9. Include your Customer time progression.
  10. Ditch the PowerPoint.

Download the white paper today and create a great customer journey map tomorrow!

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